Improve your running without all that stretching.

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Stretching has been part of running for many years now, but the science behind it is weak, and it will not make you a better runner according to a new article. Icing sore muscles after running activities may have harmful effects as well with less few benefits than previously thought. Foam rolling is now being used more often as a way to limber up.  Exercises that are ballistic may actually help you get faster. There are ideas that are offered in a post published in BBC Future. They offer some great ideas on how to improve your running power and speed. Check it out below

Why stretching might not make you a better runner

Limbering up before and stretching after exercise might seem sensible, but there are some other more surprising ways of improving your performance. By Richard Gray 28 March 2019 They can be seen in city streets and parks all over the world, aggressively leaning against trees or propping their legs up on benches. It seems that most runners love a good stretch. Whether they do this before or after they have exercised, however, is still hotly debated in the running circles – some believe it is the best way to warm up cold muscles, while others insist stretching once already warm delivers the most benefits. But they might all be doing it wrong if a new analysis of the science behind running is to be believed. All that comical bending and limbering may have no impact on a running performance at all. Read more