Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy? What you need to know before or during your pregnancy.

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Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy? What you need to know before or during your pregnancy. Having a wonderful and safe pregnancy is what every woman wants, however, the concerns, the bodily changes and the way your body must respond to both gravity as you grow larger brings challenges to many women. Picking the right Obstetrician is quite important, since you want to be comfortable with the person who will help you deliver your child. The other problem is physical comfort. If you had problems with your back prior to pregnancy, chances are you will have more problems due to the weight gain and the changes which occur to the ligaments which allow for the baby to move through the pelvis. Here is some helpful advice for the pregnant and pregnant to be. 1. Chiropractic is safe and effective, without having the harmful side effects of most drugs. Most chiropractors will help hundreds of pregnant patients get relief during their career. There is no need to suffer and most obstetricians are familiar with patients going to chiropractors and getting relief. 2. If you have back problems, the best results can be achieved by visiting the chiropractor prior to your pregnancy. The reason is that before your body begins to change, you have balanced out any problems that could make your pregnancy a difficult and painful experience. 3. Pregnant already? Chiropractic care early in the pregnancy is most effective since your body is just beginning to experience changes. Before your stomach begins to grow is the easiest time to tolerate core strengthening regimens your doctor will give you, as you prepare for the rest of your pregnancy. While there may be some limits in what the chiropractor can and cannot work on, most women can be helped into their 9th month safely, without any fear of problems or complications. 4. Late in the pregnancy; Often, the chiropractor can offer temporary relief. While it is safe to work on a patient until they are ready to deliver, there are diminishing returns with regards to the amount of relief you may get since a late pregnancy body is more difficult to work with and move around. Are there other benefits to chiropractic treatment during your pregnancy? 1. Many women experience an easier delivery. This is because a torqued or distorted pelvis will likely have more difficulty allowing movement during delivery, which is the primary reason the ligaments loosen as the pregnancy progresses. Chiropractic can make your Obstetricians and your job easier with the delivery. 2. A better rested patient who has less pain will likely be able to have a better delivery. Save your energy for the big day, and chiropractic can help you by relieving pain and helping you sleep better. 3. If you start early on, your chiropractors exercises will help better prepare you for delivery, which depends heavily on a strong core and a strong pelvic floor. What do you think? As always, we appreciate your input.