Is Junk Food Is as Addictive as Heroin or Cigarettes?

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A recent study suggests junk food is addictive (  If anyone has ever had a potato chip or an oreo cookie, it is hard to just have one. Many of these foods are geared toward our cravings for carbs and also salt and starches. These foods are high in calories and are believed to be part of our countries obesity problem.  Now, some government entities because of this are believing that a sin type of tax should be placed on them.  The article asks if these foods should be regulated like a drug.  Read the article and I welcome your comments.

In my opinion, we need to begin at the family level to reeducate families as to what types of foods are good.  We need to make better quality food cheaper rather than cheaper foods such as starches (pasta).  Instead of paying farmers to grow corn (corn sweetners, ethanol), we should supplement them to grow food and make better foods cheaper.  I believe this would be a better way of handling the poor food consumption problem.  Perhaps, over time, we will see our diets change for the better