Is that salad safe to eat? Consumer Reports weighs in on the safety of leafy greens.

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In the previous year, there have been numerous recalls of leafy greens such as Romain Lettuce due to contamination.  Food handling, if not done properly is a well-known source of illness caused by E Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Recalls are done to protect the public, but that does not help if you are ill because of a contaminated shipment. Dark leafy greens are an essential part of our diet and a healthy gut.  Many of our daily nutrients can be fulfilled by regularly eating salads. Leafy greens can also help you develop healthier flora in the gut, which can reduce inflammation and improve the way you feel. Recently, Consumer Reports weighed in on the safety of leafy greens and reported on how our food can be contaminated, as well as what can be done to reduce the incidence of illness. Check out the article below

In an age of rampant romaine contamination, can our salads be saved?

By Kevin Loria January 27, 2020 When Carolyn Graham ordered a garden salad at a pizza restaurant near her hometown of Loomis, Calif., on a weekday night in April 2018, she felt good about what she thought was a healthy choice. But by the weekend, she had stomach cramps and diarrhea, which grew more severe with each passing hour. By 11 p.m. that Saturday, the diarrhea had turned bloody, and it continued all night long. Around 6 a.m. Sunday, she and her husband, Kenneth, headed to the emergency room. Doctors gave her fluids, oxygen, and an antibiotic, but Graham’s symptoms didn’t abate. Read more