Is your chiropractor the newest family primary care provider?

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Is your chiropractor the newest family primary care provider? More than ever, people are visiting chiropractors and finding out the level of expertise is greater than what they originally thought. Even primary care doctors are discovering that their local chiropractor can be a great source for primary care knowledge, since they are better trained in the musculoskeletal system than they are. They also are trained to evaluate medical conditions and send them to medically trained primary care providers when necessary. As Obamacare brings new patients into the system, more primary care doctors will be needed, however, when costs are a concern, the local chiropractor is a low cost, high efficiency way to meet the medical needs of the general public. Check out this new article in the Banglore news. I recently read an amazing article by Dr. David Edelberg, a medical internist who practices in Chicago. He recommends using doctors of chiropractic as family doctors. Edelberg started his health center with a chiropractor, Dr. Paul Rubin, and states that partnering with a chiropractic physician was the best decision of his professional career. My jaw dropped as I read the article. I could not imagine an M.D. actually recommending D.C.s as family doctors. This is a huge reversal of attitude. In 1987, the American Medical Association was successfully sued by a group of D.C.s for trying to "contain and eliminate" the chiropractic profession, which they labeled an "unscientific cult." The lawsuit exposed secret actions the American Medical Association took, including trying to destroy chiropractic education, preventing chiropractic coverage in insurance plans and using literature describing D.C.s as "rabid dogs and killers." Any M.D. who cooperated with a D.C. could lose his license, and hospitals were threatened with loss of accreditation if they even took X-rays for D.C.s. Dr. Edelberg states that chiropractic training was actually superior to his in musculoskeletal (joint and muscle) problems, as well as related neurological conditions. He then goes on to say that between the ages of 18 and 60, the majority of your health problems will originate from the joints and muscles, so a working knowledge of this system is a big advantage for chiropractic physicians. He lists additional reasons why doctors of chiropractic make good family doctors: — There is a shortage of family doctors, due to a combination of low pay, high stress, insurance pressures and most medical graduates going into other specialties. M.D.s who do family medicine tend to be very unhappy with their work; nine out of 10 of them would not recommend a career in medicine. read more