It’s cold, covid ,and flu season; which foods help you recover faster?

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It's cold, covid, and flu season; which foods help you recover faster?

This cold, covid, and flu season has been bad as the masks come off and we look to find normal. Chicken soup also known as Jewish penicillin always seems to be a common thing to have and it seems to help.  Depending on whom you speak with, they may have their own regimen or cocktail to help you overcome the cold and find recover quickly.   In my case, I recommend Vitamin C, Zinc tabs, Alpha glycosyl, and Nettle for the symptoms and to help your body fight off the virus faster.  Usually, in the early stages of feeling something, I will take echinacea and hit it hard with vitamin C powder as well as amino lysine which helps fight off viruses. I have always been more of a fan of natural regimens to help the body help itself. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps too. This combined with taking slow deep breaths to clear the lower lungs of possible bacterial infections is a natural regimen that works and has no side effects. Your doctor may suggest a decongestant, a cough suppressant, and Paxlovid for covid which has anti-viral properties. While this may seem natural, medications often have side effects. Sometimes they will suggest an antibiotic to prevent a secondary upper respiratory infection. The NY Times recently ran an article regarding the best foods and drinks to consume while having a cold.  Check it out below

What Should I Eat or Drink When I Have a Cold?

From hot toddies to chicken soup, there are a few important things to keep in mind, experts say.

By Alice Callahan Jan. 10, 2023 Q: What are the best foods or drinks to consume when I have a cold? If you search for the answers online, you will find plenty of articles claiming that certain “immune-boosting” foods or drinks — like garlic, citrus, cranberries, chili pepper and pomegranate juice — can ease symptoms or speed recovery from a common cold. But “we do not have strong enough information suggesting that everyone should be eating specific foods during a viral infection,” said Colleen Tewksbury, an assistant professor in nutrition science at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. That said, it’s important to feed yourself well, Dr. Tewksbury said. A cold — especially if it affects your sense of taste and smell — can squelch your appetite, yet your body still needs calories and nutrients to function and fight the infection, she said. “Anything you can do that will help you feel a bit more comforted and meet some of your nutritional needs during that time will be helpful.” Read more It has been my experience that when you eat well and reduce inflammation in your body with the right foods, it helps your immune system fight off many colds faster.   The right supplements taken help you mount a fight that allows your immune system to work better to return to normal faster.  Regardless of what you take, your immunity may make the difference between waking up the following day feeling fine or succumbing to the virus and finding yourself sick in bed.