I’ve had my first covid-19 vaccine, now what?

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It is getting much easier to get an appointment for your covid-19 vaccination.  Now that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been allowed, it can be done in as little as one vaccination. Last week I too had my first of two Pfizer inoculations for covid-19. Since I had covid-19 this last December, I had antibodies and protected myself from others who had covid-19.  This immunity was put to the test a few weeks ago when we were out with family two nights in a row and my daughter's boyfriend, the only person at the table who either didn't have covid or the vaccine got it from his roommate.   Nobody at the table got covid. In my mind, I was perfectly content allowing others who did not have covid and were of higher risk to get vaccinated before me.  At that time, getting a vaccine appointment was much more difficult. On the other hand, getting the vaccine today has become much easier especially if you use some of the public resources such as the NJ vaccine finder located here. This site updates every 15 minutes to help you find the vaccine appointment you want near you. For me, the vaccine finder pointed me to Hackensack Meridian Medical Center who had appointments available on a Saturday allowing me to work and then plan for the day after which you should use to relax after receiving the vaccine. After the first vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna), many people feel tired as their body reacts to the injection and begins the process of helping you develop immunity.   For me, I was tired and felt wiped out.  It is good to plan the day after as a relaxation day.   It can take a couple of days for some to fully recover, while others have hardly any effects from the first shot. When you arrive, they will have you sign up for a monitoring site that will ask you questions about how you feel afterward.   Once you are fully recovered, you can ask them to stop sending you daily monitoring messages. The site I visited was a mega site and you re efficiently ushered in to have your shot and then placed in a waiting area to make sure there are no problems immediately after inoculation. My second shot is the day before Mothers Day.  Some people have a more intense reaction to the second shot as your immune system is already activated and the second shot causes the further development of an immune reaction.   As mentioned previously in this post, give yourself the following day as a day to recover. I have recommended that people who have not had covid-19 consider getting the vaccine.  If you had covid, you are immune although the CDC is recommending you get vaccinated as well.   Since the Johnson and Johnson is a one-shot deal, it may be a great option to get some additional immunity one and done if it is available. All of the vaccines have a high level of safety and it is far more convenient to get the vaccine than to risk getting covid-19.  The vaccine is far less risky. The more of us who get vaccinated, the faster we can return to normal, go to the movies, concerts, and more.  Help us get to herd immunity and book your vaccine appointment today.  It's free.