Juice detox and removing toxins from your body. The Wall Street Journal investigates.

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juicing Juice detox and removing toxins from your body. The Wall Street Journal investigates. One of the hottest areas in health promotion are the ideas of juicing and other detox preparations, that are believed to cleanse the body, improve the way it functions, clean the bowel and get us the nutrients that we require. If you have a Vita-mix machine, a Magic bullet or similar machine, you are putting this concept to work. Another way to do this is with a juicer, preferably one that is a masticating juicer or slow juicer that gets more juice out of the food, with a much reduced amount of fiber when compared to the above methods, but the substance that comes out is more liquid. Does juicing work? Having done this over the years, I experience an energy boost when I drink the juice of vegetables, along with fruits. While detox is not my intent, it does help you stay healthier naturally without supplements. Check out the article here

How much do restricted diets and other techniques help? How badly do we need to detox?

Some drink only vegetable juice. Others soak in Epsom salts. It's all in the pursuit of ridding the body of months or years of accumulated toxins, said to be the cause of fat, fatigue, diabetes, memory problems and countless other conditions. The question isn't just whether these techniques work. It's whether the body is overwhelmed by toxins to begin with. The promises of liquid cleanses and other techniques have attracted legions of followers, celebrity endorsers and millions in venture capital funds. The trend has helped supercharge the U.S. diet industry, which passed $60 billion in sales last year. It has also made carrying gunky green juice a status symbol in fitness circles. Consuming more vegetables is great, mainstream doctors and nutritionists agree. But they dismiss the detox claims as a confusing jumble of science, pseudoscience and hype. They argue that humans already have a highly efficient system for filtering out most harmful substances—the liver, kidneys and colon. Read more