Keep your shoulders pain free with these exercises from the NY Times.

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Shoulder pain can often begin simply by reaching or grabbing for something.   Did you do something wrong? While it's important to keep the shoulders strong and functioning well, it's also true that often shoulder pain is often a problem that can originate in the lower body, even if that area is not painful. Something as simple as a foot orthotic can level the pelvis and reduce the tension on the shoulders, resolving or relieving shoulder pain. Poor posture will also allow the shoulders to lean forward causing impingement which can be quite painful. Helpful exercises for the shoulder would be the ones that improve strength while also improving shoulder posture and alignment. When these don't work, there is always a chiropractor who can help you figure it out. The NY Times just published an article that included a series of exercises you can do to keep your shoulders pain-free. Check the article out below

Shoulder pain can make your days more challenging and keep you up at night. Ward it off with a few smart exercise habits.

By Cindy Kuzma Published Dec. 29, 2022 Sign up for the Well newsletter, for Times subscribers only. Essential news and guidance to live your healthiest life. Get it in your inbox. Over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the human shoulder has undergone dramatic changes to make it more versatile — allowing our arms to reach over our heads, behind our backs and swing in full circles. But it also became much more prone to injury. At any given moment, an estimated one in four people struggle with shoulder pain. For some, an ache might only mildly interfere with their golf game; others, however, may struggle to get dressed in the morning. “The other big thing people complain about with the shoulder is pain at night,” said Dr. Drew Lansdown, an assistant professor in the orthopedic surgery department at the University of California, San Francisco. “It keeps you from sleep because you can’t find a comfortable position — can’t lie on that side, can’t lie on the other side.” Read more  Need professional help for your painful shoulder?   Book online here.