What you need to know about knee pain video featuring William D. Charschan DC,CCSP

What you need to know about knee pain video featuring William D. Charschan DC, CCSP

If you have ever experienced knee pain, you know how frustrating it is to find a solution to this common problem.

Studies from both the New England Journal of Medicine as well as the British Medical Journal that looked at 40 years of the meniscus and other surgeries for knees.  These retrospective papers show that these efforts have not improved people’s knees and may have resulted in many secondary surgeries and knee replacements years later.  Basically, long term, this approach shows little benefit to the patient when compared to physical therapy alone.

Years later, it is now understood that pain and motion are part of the same problem when it comes to lower back pain and often knee pain sufferers have back problems as well.

Actually, the systems of movement are all integrated requiring an integrated approach to care, instead of the current specialist – therapist – surgery model that has been practiced for years.

The video below discusses other options to care including the chiropractic sports medicine option many people are now choosing first because the medical literature supports conservative care instead of the interventional model most of us have grown up with.

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Do your knees hurt when you run, squat or walk upstairs?

Hi, I’m Dr. William Charschan

I’ve been in practice for over 30 years and we’ve treated tons of people with painful knees.

Have you ever wondered why some people have painful knees while others don’t?

The knee specialist idea leads to expensive tests that offer little or no benefit including surgeries that we now know according to the British Medical Journal and the New England Journal of Medicine

That has shown that most meniscus surgeries offer little or no better outcome than physical therapy.  In fact, many of these people then had a second or third surgery only to realize many years later they are going for a knee and/or hip replacement.

Is this old model still valid?

If you want healthy knees, your healthcare provider must understand why you hurt.

To understand this, your healthcare provider must look past the knee.

And, the thing is, more patients are now choosing another option.  They’re visiting sports chiropractors first for knee pain.

Why?  Chiropractors are primary care providers for the musculoskeletal system.  They are the only profession right now that is well versed in doing that.

So, what should you expect during a chiropractic evaluation of your knee?

Well, first of all, holistic chiropractic evaluation would include a thorough history and examination.  We want to understand why you hurt.

We know where you hurt because you told us. But to understand why you hurt, we need to evaluate the ankles, the knees, the hips, the back; we need to look at everything because different people have knee pain for different reasons.

Every person is unique and their treatment should be geared to their unique needs.

Treatment at a chiropractic office may include myofascial release which basically breaks up restrictions and adhesions in the fascia which we now realize many years later is really important for movement.

Exercises, the body needs to be retrained in many cases and the exercises that we will give you are personalized to your individual needs.

Orthotics if necessary are needed to level the pelvis and improve the way you walk.  If you are unlevel, that will load the legs, increase the impact at the ground which is one of the reasons people get plantar fasciitis and then you will end up with knee pain and possibly hip problems.

And then finally manipulation, which chiropractors are known for because manipulation improves movement.

The chiropractic care approach is safe and effective. The better you can walk and run, the better your knees will feel.

There are other problems of course that are existing in people’s bodies that don’t include knee pain at all.  In fact, many of these people also get back issues.  They also have neck issues; they also have shoulder problems.

What a lot of people find out about in a chiropractic office; because of the holistic nature of the care, is that they may come in for knee problems, and they may find their back feels better, they may find their legs feel better, they may find that their plantar fasciitis has resolved.  So they may come in for one thing, and find out that five other things during that same treatment period has resolved as well. So the holistic approach makes sense, vs. the typical approach we see in healthcare, the segmentation of care, where you do this and I do that.

We all know that primary care often should be your first stop and this is why so many people are now choosing the chiropractic approach towards musculoskeletal care for the knees.

Feel better in as little as one visit. Give us a call today.  We can help.

Most knee problems can be helped naturally without the use of drugs or surgery.  Thanks for your time