Up to a third of all knee replacement surgery have people regretting the decision according to the British Medical Journal.

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Up to a third of all knee replacement surgery have people regretting the decision according to the British Medical Journal. Should you have a knee replacement done when the doctor tells you that your knee is bone on bone?  According to a 2017 study in the BMJ, not so fast. Many of our patients have had successful knee replacements.  Prosthetic knees are not the same as your original knees, and they have functional limitations and an estimated lifespan of 20 years, which is why doctors recommend that you have this done in your later years if medically necessary. Prosthetic knees have no joint, movement or pain sensation a, so your body has to adapt. You also must avoid leaning on them. You may also never walk the same. Arthritic knees can be painful, however, they will function better with the right type of rehab early on.  Visiting your doctor and having an x ray may diagnose an arthritic knee, however there may be a better way forward if you experience knee pain. Surgeons make a good living replacing parts that have gone bad and companies such as Johnson and Johnson have developed profitable businesses making replacement joints. Early intervention by the right type of provider can help you avoid or delay the need to replace a damaged joint.  If a knee is arthritic, checking the hip, pelvis and ankle while mobilizing all of these joints can help you walk with much less pain while improving your ability to walk up the stairs. Chiropractors are often the right type of provider to visit first since they will evaluate your knee holistically, meaning they will evaluate the knee and all of the joints that affect it.  Holistic evaluation makes sense because the knee is a conduit of motion, affected by the joints that surround it.   This means a bad or tight hip may damage your knee if not diagnosed properly, something that requires a holistic point of view.  An old ankle sprain can also damage the knee. Foot problems such as foot overpronation can also damage a knee over time. Who you see first and early can help you prevent a damaged joint in your later years.  A chiropractic sports physician is uniquely trained to evaluate, and restore function to a gait system that can damage a knee over time. A recent article in the Epoch Times has revealed that up to a third of those with knee replacements may be regretting their decision to do so.  Check out the article below Up to a Third Of Knee Replacements Pack Pain and Regret Marketing and hospital economics push doctors and patients toward questionable surgeries BY LIZ SZABO, KAISER HEALTH NEWS January 13, 2019 Updated: January 13, 2019 Danette Lake thought surgery would relieve the pain in her knees. The arthritis pain began as a dull ache in her early 40s, brought on largely by the pressure of unwanted weight. Lake managed to lose 200 pounds through dieting and exercise, but the pain in her knees persisted. A sexual assault two years ago left Lake with physical and psychological trauma. She damaged her knees while fighting off her attacker, who had broken into her home. Although she managed to escape, her knees never recovered. At times, the sharp pain drove her to the emergency room. Lake’s job, which involved loading luggage onto airplanes, often left her in misery. Read more