Why does that knot in my shoulder always come back?

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If you have chronic knots in your shoulders, it can be frustrating.   Have you ever wondered why those knots never go away? The knot in my shoulder is a common complaint from many of our patients that improve with chiropractic care. Tight and knotted shoulders that are aggravated by stress may be relieved by a good shoulder rub, but the brief massage rarely improves the problem long term. Knotted shoulders may be caused by other areas of the body such as the lower body, legs, or by poor adaptations to walking, growth, or your foot posture. When you experience pain or discomfort, it is not natural for us to think about it coming from somewhere else, especially if we are normally tight. While many people believe that tightness is normal, it may actually mean there are problems in other parts of the body that may not feel tight or sore.

Common reasons for shoulder and neck knots include

  1. Lower back dysfunction.
  2. Functional problems with your shoulders
  3. leg tightness
  4. Foot problems
  5. Old injuries to the neck, ribs, shoulders

Why hasn't massage solved my problem?

Massage can be quite helpful for relieving muscular tightness and relieving areas that are stiff and sore. A chiropractor who practices primary care for the musculoskeletal system may be a better first choice if the problem has been there for a while and seems to reoccur. Manipulation of the joints of the spine in combination with methods such as fascial release can markedly improve how you move and feel. Chiropractors are holistic physicians meaning they will look at all of you, and then try to understand why your shoulders are tight.   Rather than massage only what feels tight, they will diagnose your problem after a full history and comprehensive evaluation and then offer treatment, exercises, and may recommend devices called orthotics to level your hips if needed.  Treatment is usually rendered the same day.  If the problem is not within the realm of chiropractic or further testing is needed, they will either send you for the appropriate test or refer you to the appropriate medical provider. In most cases, the chiropractor can relieve and even resolve chronic knotted shoulders by treating the cause, rather than the symptoms you experience in your shoulders. Relief is usually long term and in many cases, it can be permanent. If you need help now, book online here or call our North Brunswick office at 732-846-6400 or our Scotch Plains office at 732-829-0009