Law on End-of-Life Care Rankles Doctors says NY Times

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I came across this article on the NY law regarding end of life care and options. Like it or not, we will all be faced with this either for ourselves or for a loved one. The law is basically saying that of someone is terminally ill, this should be explained to them and options for making them comfortable should be discussed. As many of our patients know, my feelings about the profiteering from unnecessary and unhelpful treatments to those who are at the end stages of life is, in my opinion poor medical ethics. This law will make it so patients are better informed and can make better decisions at the end of their life. Physicians who are fighting say that this gets in the way of the doctor - patient relationship. Knowing many patients who were abused at the end of life, and then sent a bill, NJ needs this law as well and are the doctors who are fighting this really more concerned about losing end of life revenue. Read the article here