Shoulder pain when weight training: how to avoid injury while improving your body strength, courtesy of Men’s health

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Weight training is a popular sport, and with it comes shoulder pain.  Is it the repetition, or the form or a combination of both that makes our shoulders ache? One can argue that form plays a large role in whether you develop pain in the shoulder while lifting heavier weights.  On the other hand, without a properly functioning core, good symmetry in the legs and hips and good strength in the intrinsic muscles in the feet and calves, upper back and shoulder stability will be  compromised increasing your risk of shoulder pain due to impingement and muscular pain in the shoulder and the tendons. Recently, Men's Health magazine offered some advice on proper lifting form to help you avoid shoulder pain while lifting.  While their advice can help, it is our advice that if you cannot do a squat without stability in the lower back and core, you should avoid heavy lifting with the shoulders since it will increase your risk for shoulder pain and injuries to the rotator cuff. Check out the Men's Health article here

Here's Why Your Shoulder Hurts So Damn Bad When You Lift

You don't need to be a pro athlete to have problems with your rotator cuff BY EMILY SHIFFER DECEMBER 7, 2017 No pain, no gain. It's a common phrase most lifters live by. But when it comes to lifting and shoulder pain, it could signal something more serious than the run-of-the mill muscle soreness you’d experience after a tough workout. One big one? An injury to your rotator cuff, a group of four muscles and tendons that keeps your shoulder’s ball joint centered on its socket joint. Its primary function is to help initiate movements of larger muscles, like your deltoids, says Christopher Camp, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. It helps you rotate and raise your arm. You don’t need to be a world-class athlete—think major league pitcher—to develop some serious issues with your rotator cuff. Even casual lifters can fall prey to rotator cuff injuries. Read more