Local doctor attacks foot problems by educating shoe stores

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Local doctor attacks foot problems by educating shoe stores
It is alarming how many people have poorly fitted shoes. Sometimes, people just assume that they know their size and will buy the shoe in a self service shoe store. The shoes that do not fit properly and are uncomfortable then get donated.
Other people are sized wrong at the shoe store, costing them time when they return the shoe, costing the store money because of the re fit, the return process and the deposition of shoe that would have been sold for retail.
Dr. Charschan, (Author of Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain) decided to create a video on youtube that teaches everyone how to size a shoe properly. He has been visiting local shoe stores and asking them to adopt his shoe fitting protocols.
It is his hope that local shoe stores will have all their new and established employees watch the video and adopt his protocols. He feels it will save them money, create happier customers and improve customer satisfaction through knowledgeable service.
The video is easy to understand and can help both customers and shoe stores get the best fit, which is good for the feet. Tight shoes will cause
· Hammer Toes
· Bunyons
· Knee Pain
· Back pain
· Shin pain
· Plantar fasciitis
Find the video by typing in this code in your browser. This shortened url will take you to the you tube video.
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