Local Medical Doctor buys farm and starts a new farm based practice with nutrition in mind rather than drugs.

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prescription Local Medical Doctor buys farm and starts a new farm based practice with nutrition in mind rather than drugs. What is at the root of many chronic diseases that plague us such as diabetes and heart disease? Inflammation has long been heralded as one of the main culprits, caused by what we eat. It is no secret that much of the processed foods we eat and where they come from are nutritionally problematic, and from Dr. Weiss's point of view, if we change how we eat, many of these diseases patients regularly visit doctors for would go away or be markedly reduced. In a culture that lives on processed foods, is it any wonder so many of us are ill. According to Dr. Weiss, it is not for a lack of drugs or doctor visits, but a lack of good nutritious foods that are prepared fresh. Eating the wrong foods can cause inflammation, responsible for many auto immune problems heart disease and even diabetes. Dr. Weiss decided to put his reputation and his resources to the test with a unique practice that included buying a farm, and teaching people how to eat properly and nutritiously. While he still works in his regular medical practice, he is thrilled as he sees many of his farm based clients, who are eating better feel better and get free from diseases naturally. While this is not great for drug companies and their business models, it is great for us, the consumers who have been taught to visit doctors, and take meds, but never been taught how to avoid all of that by eating better foods. Check out this doctors story By Susan K. Livio | The Star-Ledger

LONG VALLEY — After taking care of some of Hudson County's sickest residents for 25 years, internist Ronald Weiss says he's figured out how to make people healthy — and it's not by writing prescriptions or ordering surgery.

Weiss would rather recommend a daily dose of what's growing on his 348-acre, 18th-century farm in Long Valley. And next week, this city doctor will get that opportunity when he launches New Jersey's first farm-based practice, rooted in the philosophy that the right food — fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, beans and seeds — is medicine.

About 55 miles from his West New York office last week, Weiss sat outside the farmhouse at which his assistant, Asha Gala of Califon, had prepared a lunch that vibrated with color: a salad of baby kale, radicchio, purple carrots, cucumbers, onions and cherry husk tomatoes tossed with a walnut vinaigrette, followed by eggplant rollatini with tofu instead of cheese, and dairy-free chocolate pudding garnished with raspberries.

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that prevent inflammation, which is believed to be cause of many chronic diseases, said Weiss, a 52-year-old married father of two and an assistant professor at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark.

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