Low fat dairy products and your health; here is a much healthier natural alternative.

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If you believe low-fat products are better for you, think again. In the 1980s, the food pyramid told us to eat low fat since it was better for us.    Manufacturers developed products that exchanged fat for sugar to build up the missing flavor and texture.  The result is an increase in diseases such as diabetes. Current research now shows us that dairy fat is indeed good for us.   We now know that eating foods higher in cholesterol is not why your cholesterol levels are high.  Drinking whole milk is much tastier in my cappuccino and cheese while high in calories is delicious without being part skim. Foods rich in dairy fat tastes better, even though they are higher in calories. Check out this article that vindicates the eating of full-fat foods such as butter and full-fat milk.

The Vindication of Cheese, Butter, and Full-Fat Milk

Research has exonerated dairy fats as a cause of early death, but low-fat products continue to be misperceived as healthier. The Atlantic James Hamblin As a young child I missed a question on a psychological test: “What comes in a bottle?” The answer was supposed to be milk. I said beer. Milk almost always came in cartons and plastic jugs, so I was right. But this isn’t about rehashing old grudges. I barely even think about it anymore! The point is that the test was a relic of a time before me, when milk did come in bottles. It arrived on doorsteps each morning, by the hand of some vanishing man. And just as such a world was alien to me as a kid, the current generation of small children might miss a similar question: “Where does milk come from?” REad more