Make your own face mask with some help from the NY Times.

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Now we are being asked to wear masks while out and about to further reduce the transmission of the virus.  If you have checked the stores later, it is almost impossible to find masks. With a little creativity, you can create your own.  The  Times just published an article with some instructions on how to make one at home. While they will not be N95 certified, they will protect others from you. Check out the article below

It’s Time to Make Your Own Face Mask Here’s how to do it.

By Farhad Manjoo It shouldn’t have come to this, but here we are. The world is running out of face masks for health care workers, which is one reason American officials, including the surgeon general, have warned members of the public against buying their own masks for protection against the coronavirus. But that doesn’t mean face masks for the public are a bad idea if we had enough masks. Contrary to what American officials told us, many studies show that widespread mask-wearing might be a very effective complement to hand-washing, social-distancing and other measures to mitigate the pandemic. Health officials in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan suggest that people wear masks in certain situations — if they’re symptomatic, for instance, or if they’re in crowded, not-very-well-ventilated places, like airplanes. Studies have also shown that mask-wearing (in conjunction with hand-washing) reduces the spread of infection within households or other shared living spaces, like residence halls. Read more Also, I found this video on how to make an easy mask using some socks.  Check it out Added 4/18/2020