Masks work to reduce covid19 transmission. The NY Times shows us why.

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I am tired of wearing a mask and many of you are as well.   The truth is that they work and recently, the NY Times featured an article that shows you graphically how they protect us. The choices include N95, KN95, disposable paper masks, and fabric ones. Which one is best for you and why? N95 and KN95 are the most protective, with the difference being how they fasten in the back.   KN95 masks loop around the ears and are mainly made in China and Korea.   N95 masks have bands that strap around the back of your head for a secure seal and fit. They are not necessary for casual use, but healthcare providers will want extra protection. Cloth and paper masks are also effective when combined with social distancing. Wearing a mask is about protecting all of us and reducing infection.  More importantly, it is about being a good citizen and science supports the usage of them. Check out the NY Times article

Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How

By Or Fleisher, Gabriel Gianordoli, Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Karthik Patanjali, Miles Peyton and Bedel Saget Oct. 30, 2020 The public health debate on masks is settled, said Joseph G. Allen, director of the Healthy Buildings program at Harvard. When you wear a mask, “you protect yourself, you protect others, you prevent yourself from touching your face,” he said. And you signal that wearing a mask is the right thing to do. With coronavirus cases still rising, wearing a mask is more important than ever. In this animation, you will see just how effective a swath of fabric can be at fighting the pandemic. Read more