5 Supplements That Help Maximize Post-Workout Recovery, a guest post

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Any bodybuilder, fitness trainer or athlete will tell you that allowing your body to recover after a workout is an essential part of the fitness training process. It is how the body cools down and builds muscle fibers as it repairs and refreshes from the intense activity. Sometimes the process can be quite slow, and that is why people opt for supplements. These are products that boost the recovery process and reduces recovery time. By doing so, you get to attend the next session with your muscles fibers rebuilt and your body hydrated. The top five post-workout recovery supplements include:


BCAA is a popular supplement that does miracles when it comes to speeding up the recovery process. The supplement contains a total of three amino acids, including Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. The main reason why these amino acids are essential is that the body depletes them during your workout by using them for energy and fuel. By taking BCAA, you get to restore the depleted amino acids, and that is one of the best ways to recover. The main reason why they are among the best post-workout supplements is that they act as muscle armor. That means they will protect your muscles from tearing during the intense exercise. They also minimize muscle inflammation and ensure your muscles rebuild or regenerate faster. With BCAA supplements, your muscles will never undergo the extreme wear and tear that often happens during an intense workout. That is why most athletes tend to opt for them.


Creatine is a prevalent strength enhancement compound, just like Dianabol, an effective steroid. It is also a remarkable post-training recovery supplement since it enables you to train at a much higher intensity. By doing so, you get to increase your muscles as well as their rate of repair. People who use creatine tend to end up having more training power and muscle gains within a few weeks. The supplement is also good at minimizing your body’s response to cortisol which is a stress hormone. Many athletes use creatine to increase their muscle recovery time and improve their general body functions within the shortest time. The use of the supplement ends up with isometric and isokinetic extensions on their knees, and it also ensures the reduction of plasma creatine kinase. With all that happening to the body, you will find yourself increasing your training and building more muscles.


Omega 3 is one of the primary products of fish oil. Apart from playing a vital role in keeping your eyes sharp, your heart healthy, and your brain in good working condition, it also acts as one of the best post-workout recovery supplements. Omega-3's main task is to reduce the inflammation of muscles and joints after an extensive workout. Once inflammation occurs, it becomes hard for your body to recover and build muscles. After minimizing the inflammation of body muscles, it improves the supply of oxygen, which plays a vital role in body recovery. The product contains docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, which produce eicosanoid molecules after synthesis. The molecule is what blocks inflammation from occurring. By taking fish oil, you get to supply your body with omega-3, which will ensure you only have low levels of inflammation, something that helps in performance.


Cannabidiol can never miss on the list of top post-workout supplements due to its various benefits. The use of CBD diluted in carrier oil is very common among athletes. For years CBD has been one of the best treatments for pain. That means it has the capability of numbing the pain you experience during recovery. It can spare you the agony and instead ensures you get quality sleep which is very important in restoring your strength and muscle. You can easily buy CBD Oil Canada or from some other trusted Stores in your local areas. To facilitate the above, CBD works in the endocannabinoid system or ECS, which controls sleep, pain, and many other activities in the body.  So once the CBD reaches the ECS, it enhances sleep while reducing pain. The combination of those two activities is what you need to recover quickly from your workout. It also ensures that you have relief in case you experience pain during movement.


L-Glutamine is yet another useful amino acid that helps a great deal when it comes to post-training recovery. You will mostly get the supplement in protein powders and other products. You should also know that your body produces glutamine and so you must be wondering why you need it as a supplement. Most athletes tend to deplete their glutamine during workouts, and so the need for more glutamine arises. By taking the supplement, you help to boost the availability of glutamine in the body. What glutamine does in your body is that it decides where to move nitrogen. So whenever you have an intensive workout, and most of your muscles are painful due to damages, glutamine is going to direct nitrogen to those areas so that it can boost their repairs. Without adequate nitrogen, your tissues may take a longer time to rebuild, and that is going to affect your recovery. Intense workout tends to increase body functions to the extent that they can no longer pick up. That is why most people tend to take the above supplements. Their main aim is to replenish hormones, compounds, or amino acids that the body has depleted during the workout. That is how the body regains its healing functions, and within no time, you will recover from the workout.