Medical Marijuana; It has been used medicinally since the 1800’s, so what is the problem.

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NJ recently did not legalize Marijuana due to concerns raised by different legislators on compromises written into the legislation.   They are going try again and are likely to pass this legislation by the end of the year. Medically, Marijuana has been used successfully for years to treat many conditions.  CBD seems to be everywhere and some people swear by its effectiveness.   GW Pharmaceuticals was the first drug company to get a Marijuana-based drug through the FDA to market. In larger doses, which sometimes happens unintentionally with edibles, it can cause psychosis.   The medical literature has reported on these effects since the 1800s. People with cancer who have nausea from chemotherapy feel that Marijuana helps them with nausea. Marijuana is not an unknown or dangerous substance if used appropriately, but like any drug, it can have intense side effects we have known about for years. Marijuana is now being distributed through dispensaries in NJ.   Canada has just legalized it and it is legal in Colorado. Check out this blog post on Kevin M.D. written by a physician for physicians to read.   I believe you will like it as well as it helps demystify Marijuana.

America has seen medical marijuana before: This is what we learned (and forgot)

ERIK MESSAMORE, MD, PHD MARCH 16, 2019 Very few things in the universe are 100 percent good or 100 percent bad. Cannabis is perfectly ordinary in having a mixture of good qualities (medical benefits) and bad qualities (medical risks). The people who want to make money – lots of money, by the way – from selling marijuana do a perfectly fine job of pointing out the good. But they don’t educate the public about the possible risks. They know it will be bad for business. Astonishingly, there are no laws that require them to talk about risks  —  so they don’t. And that is 100 percent bad. But the medical value of cannabis is actually a very old story. The only thing new is the part about it being safe. Read more