Medications that Can Cause Common Chiropractic Chief Complaints

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Medications that Can Cause Common Chiropractic Chief Complaints
Many patients to seek the care of a chiropractor are on medications for various problems. While the majority of chiropractic patients see marked relief of many conditions, and have great satisfaction with their experience, medications often will alter the predictability of the result. If you are any of these medications while undergoing chiropractic care, you need to read this information and share it with your doctor. In our office, we have had numerous patients get even better results after discontinuing medications that were not have the desired effect, or creating a harmful side effect. You may also wish to consult your pharmacist, since they often can be a great resource regarding medications, their side effects and the interactions of different medications in the body.

Cholesterol Statins - muscle pain is the most frequent side effect of statins and in some cases may have a form of severe rhabdomyolysis (muscle destruction) Caduet, Crestor, Lipitor, Vytorin, Zocor, Zetia (statins)- can cause muscle pain and headache, as well as joint pain, arthritis, and back pain

Hypertension Avapro - muscle cramp/ache, arthritis, joint stiffness, bursitis, muscle weakness

Depression Lexapro - neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, nausea Cymbalta - headache, insomnia, fatigue Paxil - headache, heart palpitations, muscle and joint pain Prozac - headache, anxiety, insomnia, flu syndrome Wellbutrin - arthritis, muscle spasms, fatigue, headache, migraine Zoloft - headache

Sleep Lunesta - headache, dizziness, depression Soma - headache Ambien - gastrointestinal problems (heartburn to diarrhea), paresthesia in extremities, muscle pain and cramps, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, blurred vision

Gastro-Intestinal Nexium - back pain, chest pain, fatigue, pain, arthralgia, arthritis aggravation, arthropathy (joint problems), fibromyalgia syndrome, hernia, migraine, sleep disorder Prilosec - muscle weakness, muscle pain, muscle cramps, joint pain, leg pain, depression, Zantac - muscle and joint pain Prevacid - joint pain, arthritis, joint and bone disorder, leg cramps, muscle pain

Osteoporosis Boniva - back pain, extremity pain, myalgia (muscle pain), joint disorder, arthritis, headache, dizziness, nerve root lesion Fosamax - bone, muscle, or joint pain, muscle cramp, headache, dizziness

Menopause Prempro - pain, back pain, headache, joint pain, leg cramps, breast pain

Arthritis Celebrex - stroke, stomach ulcers, back pain, accidental injury, headache, dizziness, muscle/joint/tendon pain

Bacterial Infection Cipro & Levaquin

  • Within days or weeks of use can cause tendonitis, including tendon tears and ruptures, especially of the Achilles, and especially in patients who have also used corticosteroids. All quinolones cause erosion of cartilage in weight-bearing joints. The tendon damage from Cipro use is more degenerative than acute or traumatic, and tissue healing is delayed or incomplete causing permanent damage to the tendon.
  • Encourage hydration, esp. orange or cranberry juice to maintain urine acidity. Encourage avoidance of intense muscle contraction during use of cipro.
  • Advise on supplementation of Magnesium and protein - "bone broth"
Asthma Symbicort
  • Back pain, dizziness, headache, persistent muscle pain or cramps, tingling or numbness in arms and legs