Meet Jane Simpson, a 78 year old world class track and field athlete

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What would you do if you were told in your late 50's that your cholesterol was high?   Would you take a statin medication to lower it, and risk the side effects, or would you try to do things differently? I've known Jane Simpson for many years now, helping her stay in the track and field game.  Jane began her track and field career after being told she had high cholesterol. She decided to lower it by being an athlete. Jane routinely competes most weekends both nationally, locally and internationally.   She is currently headed to Poland this weekend to compete in the WMACI (World Masters Athletic Championships Indoor). She has medaled in dozens of events and was sponsored by USATF international for this event. Jane has challenged the conventional wisdom of aging, doctors, medicine and is doing retirement on her own terms; competing. She has tried long Jump, steeple chase, 5k races and continues to try other avenues in the track and field world. I met Jane years ago while working a track event for USATFNJ.  Since then she has competed in hundreds of events and when she hurts, she calls me to help her sort out her problems. Jane knows the benefits of chiropractic care first hand and she has been a strong advocate of the chiropractic profession.  She will often tell people who are injured or have stopped running that chiropractic will keep them going. We wish Jane the best of luck this weekend at the WMACI event this weekend in Poland.