My Chemical Romance, one of the doc’s favorite bands is now gone. You owe it to yourself to learn about this band and hear their music.

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My Chemical Romance, one of the doc's favorite bands is now gone. You owe it to yourself to learn about this band. As many of you probably have read, MCR (My Chemical Romance) announced their break-up last week. If you were not familiar with them or their music, they came together after 9-11 and introduced NJ and the world (they were from NJ) to some of the greatest rock emo music this past decade had heard. Other than the fluffy pop stuff, they were heard on z100 as well with songs like Teenagers ( a huge hit, and great song), and Welcome to the Black Parade so they were not just popular, they were renowned. If you liked Queen (probably my favorite band of all time), they were a close second with their musical originality, their anthemic songs and their musical charisma. I was fortunate to see them live first at the Prudential Center when they opened for Bon Jovi, the first events held there. I was also fortunate to see them again Mothers Day Evening with my son at the NJ concert venue called the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville which was unfortunately closed by the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. You can also see some of their past performances live on Palladia, the cable music channel. Their last and final album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, did not sell as well as the band had expected, however they sold out all over the world, so I expect the music on this album was really well appreciated. Upon listening to this totally different album, with different musical styles, the first cut Na Na Na was so outrageous and amazing, and totally blew me away. The rest of the album grew on me over time. Songs like Sing were featured as an ensemble song on Glee. They then released some outtake singles over the past year such as Number 1 but this material never met the quality of their other work, which is perhaps why they were outtakes. As a fellow musician (I play in a band too, the current one being called DNR), I really appreciated their musical contribution and they will be sorely missed, but I also believe that they will be remembered. While they only had four albums, each one of them got better as the band grew up. Maybe Gerard Way and the boys will again rock our souls out. One can only hope.