Myofascial Release Case Study

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Case Study:

"When I first came to see Dr. Charschan I was in a lot of pain. All my joints were frozen and I was unable to do much of anything. I had very little range of motion in my neck, shoulders and wrists, and also had difficulty walking. Since I have been coming to Dr. Charschan for adjustments and Myofascial Release work, I have been feeling much better. I am now able to walk virtually pain free, turn my head and use my hands again. None of the other doctors that I have been seeing were able to do this with the medications they prescribed. I have had chronic upper neck and back pain for years. The stiffness often caused difficulty just getting up in the morning and the aching often caused me to be down during the day. I have tried doctors, physical therapists, orthopedists and other chiropractors for relief from this pain." Michelle Verstegen