Neck pain is more than a pain in the neck. Three ways to get relief naturally.

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Neck pain is more than a pain in the neck. Three ways to get relief naturally. Most people sit at computers, look at electronic devices or at books and eventually, their neck will be painful. Others, find the task of just sitting at the computer torture because of the way their neck and shoulders hurt at the end of the day. Some blame it on stress, others believe they slept on it wrong, and still others think it was from the sustained position they are in when studying or reading. The basis for neck pain in most people begins way below the neck. This is because all the bodies motion passes through the pelvis. If the pelvis is torqued or distorted, neck pain will be the result. While you may not feel any pain in the hips or back, how you feel in a particular area is totally subjective, and based on when you were younger and assumptions you learn to make based on previous experiences. Those who are most likely to experience the worst symptoms of neck and back pain are built asymmetrically. This means they have two sides of the body that work differently and those traits are inherited. At the age of about six, we are walking and standing approximately the way we will for most of our lives, based on our body mechanics that are passed on from generation to generation. This is why it is also likely that your parents had problems too, and so will your children, however, if you understand how this works, you can help yourself get some relief that lasts. The book Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain should be required reading for anyone who has any sort of chronic pain because it shows why people hurt and explains it in easy to understand concepts that anyone, including your family doctor can easily understand. Relief requires changing the mechanical conditions that create the pain and thinking outside the pill bottle. Three Ways to Relieve Neck Pain naturally. 1. Wear shoe inserts or foot orthotics (not Dr. Scholls). Anyone who is build asymmetrically will benefit from inserts in their shoes, especially when sitting. Since a distorted pelvis (See Cheating Mother Nature for a detailed explanation) will cause the mid back joints to strain as well as the neck joints, wearing shoe inserts will level out the pelvis, make sitting more comfortable, and improve the upper body mechanics that are affected by poor body style. Since sitting with a distorted pelvis will be quite uncomfortable, taking much of this distortion away has a huge benefit on how you feel. 2. Myofascial release to the legs, pelvis and mid back will relieve neck pain. When combined with chiropractic manipulation, the results are immediate relief and a relief of tension, when applied to the legs, hips and mid back. A dysfunctional foot that is stiff from years of poor function will make your neck feel horrible, so manipulation of the spine and extremities needs to be included. Fortunately, it is very safe and will solve other future problems such as knee and leg pain as well. Clinically, we always show patients the difference in the way their neck fees after releasing the pelvis and its other affiliated articulations. 3. The right pillow. If your pelvis is distorted, lying on your side can be uncomfortable because the mid back cannot move properly, the shoulders often will not feel right and the neck feels uncomfortable. In general, side sleepers should use two pillows. Back sleepers one pillow and stomach sleeping should be discouraged. One of the best pillows is chiroflow because it is water based, and since we are all built differently, you can put as much or as little water in the pillow to give it the support that is right for you. What do you think. As always, we encourage your comments. Cheating Mother Nature is available through and other booksellers.