Neck Pain Relief

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A common complaint we often treat is neck pain. Most people believe that neck pain is caused by the neck hurting. They never think about why although I commonly hear patients say things like " I must have slept wrong" or "it must be stress." Most people go to the doctor who looks at their neck and may recommend some pain reliever, or they get a massage which could offer temporary relief but the neck pain returns. Later in life, they find out their neck has degenerated and nobody was ever able to explain to them why. In our office, we see things differently, and from outside the box. We show and prove to people on a daily basis that their neck pain usually has a connection to other parts of their body and we show you why and also show you how we improve the condition in a way that is both effective and cost effective. Often, neck pain originates from problems in the lower body, which may not even hurt. When the lower body malfunctions in areas such as the pelvis, the neck strains since we derive much of our ability to move from this region. If the pelvis works poorly, so do the legs, the mid back and you guessed it, the neck. You can find out more by listening to the recording on this page or better yet, make an appointment and allow us to help. You can make an appointment on line by clicking on this link.