Negative Impacts from Neglected Chiropractic Needs, a guest post by Nancy Parker

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Negative Impacts from Neglected Chiropractic Needs, a guest post by Nancy Parker For many people, suffering through back-pain is a sign of strength. However, prolonged suffering could lead to a short career path for those who labor. It's not a symbol of strength to subject yourself to continued pain so that you can make it through one more day. It's a sign of wisdom to know that your needs are beyond those that ibuprofen can subdue. Pain-killers can only go so far and if the problem is unchecked, you could cripple yourself at a very young age foregoing any sports career or even daily chore for the rest of your life. 1. Golfing - Back suffering and surgeries are quite serious. Playing a round of golf can be detrimental to your recovery if it's taken lightly. Standing, twisting, walking, and swinging can wear down any hope your back has for recovery. If you enjoy the game, care for your chiropractic needs before they take it away from you. 2. The Cane - Although walking with a stylish cane is a symbol of success, it could also be the means to walk to the bathroom. Normal mundane activities could become a painful chore if your back isn't treated correctly. Would you rather have a cane that looks good with a suit, or one that needs to support your weight? 3. Children - One of the most strenuous activities a person can go through is parenthood. Children can be physically draining on a daily basis. Wouldn't you rather be there for your child at school functions or sporting events rather than being restricted to a couch because you can't move your legs without excruciating pain? Children don't care if you're tough or invincible. They just want you to be there. 4. Residential Requirements - Many people have to move to a ground level apartment or house because it's too unbearable to climb stairs. Handle bars have to be installed in the bathroom because the pain is too great to lift yourself out of the tub. Without proper chiropractic care, your dream home could quickly turn into a nursing home. 5. Fishing - For those who love to sit in a boat all day long casting their lines into the water waiting to land that big hit, sell your gear on eBay. Without your back to support you, sitting in the boat all day would be next to impossible. You will get to the point to where even the mere thought of hooking your boat up to your truck causes a spasm or two in your back. 6. Exercising - A lot of people lack daily motivation for physical exercise in the first place. Once your back begins to go out, this activity becomes more vital to your health. While it may be more comfortable to sit at your chair all day long, lack of physical activity could cause parts of your body to experience atrophy. Eventually, the muscle mass will be reduced so far that supporting your body will be next to impossible. Exercising begins to be a mandatory, if not painful, routine that could have been avoided. 7. Sexual Activity - This could go without saying. As sexual activity is one of the most active physical exercises, your back just wouldn't be up to task. Your tears would be those of pain. Your body is not indestructible regardless of how many push-ups and wind-sprints you can do. Even the most healthy of individuals can become broken down versions of their previous selves. A continuous back-pain could be a signifier that if it's not rectified, it could become crippling. Take your body seriously and don't purposely subject yourself to a life of agonizing pain and suffering. Author Bio: Nancy provides feedback on all elements of the site "" helping us to really make sure that we are making it as easy as possible for caregivers to sign up and find work. In addition, she spends quite a bit of her time on freelance writing tasks.