Neuroplasticity; the secret behind learning how to move and accommodate new habits. An amazing video showing how we learn.

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Have you ever wondered why it takes a long time to learn a new skill or a new habit and then one day, you just perform that skill as if you've always done it? Children are able to do this more easily than adults, which is one of the reasons they learn multiple languages easier than adults do. There are other skills they learn faster than adults do as well, and this fascinating video shows why and does it through an impressive demonstration using a minor change to the standard two-wheel bicycle many of us mastered during our childhoods. When we perform rehabilitation in the office, part of this is strengthening while the other part is neurological retraining, often to resolve some old habits that the body learned a while ago improperly. Often these poor neurological habits are responsible for many chronic problems we develop over time. Doing muscular and strengthening rehab is often not enough if we do not also work with the neurological system. Some of the exercises we give will also retrain our brains to relearn tasks and then one day, something miraculous happens and our body just replaces the old habit with the new one. I experienced this when I hired a hitting coach to work with me to teach me how to hit a baseball properly in my 40's. One day, after working on hitting and training for quite a while, it all came together and I no longer had to think about the steps involved in hitting the ball. All the balls went into the outfield or were much faster infield. Please allow about 8 minutes for this video.