New Australian study suggests that chiropractic care before childbirth improves your chances for a natural delivery.


New Australian study suggests that chiropractic care before childbirth improves your chances for a natural delivery.

If you are pregnant and would love to avoid a c section, seeing a chiropractor before and up to your delivery can improve your chances of having a problem free natural delivery.

In the USA alone, the C section rate is at least 25% and rising and the post pregnancy ramifications of the incision can last a lifetime.   It is not unusual for c section scars to adhere to the mesentery tissues underneath and cause problems such as back, neck and even knee and shoulder pain, because of the way it affects your gait (the way you walk).

The problem had been largely ignored until recently, when a few medical studies have begun to show that any abdominal incision can cause a lifetime of back problems due to the scar and the different ways they heal on people.   Worse, women who have had one C-section baby are usually told that they need to have all of their children this way.

For natural delivery to occur, the pelvic floor must be well toned and functional says a new study from Australia.  The study, in final review to be published this June 2016 in the Journal of Manipulative Therapeutics (1) shows that

  1. Chiropractic can have an impact on the pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Pregnant women who were treated by a chiropractor prior to child birth had a greater ability to relax their pelvic floor muscles at rest.
  3. This relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles may mean that chiropractic care could be of benefit to pregnant women, as it may help them have a natural vaginal delivery.

This study matters because your pelvic floor muscles are  integral to the birth process, and to the prevention of incontinence and other issues, which makes this an exciting piece of knowledge for chiropractors and for

women receiving chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care may actually enhance your chances of having a natural, complication free childbirth. This is better for both mother and baby.

A natural pregnancy and birth is much more desirable for both the mother and the baby.

Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor are not enough; you require proper alignment of the pelvis to develop the forces necessary to push the baby through the birth canal safely and avoid complications.

This, combined with the natural pain relief your local chiropractor can provide should make your obstetrician happy you are using a chiropractor during your pregnancy.

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