New documentary shows monopolization of the healthcare system and shows why effective methods such as chiroropractic are underutilized

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New documentary shows monopolization of the healthcare system and shows why effective methods such as chiroropractic are underutilized Many people who would be great candidates for chiropractic care never get to experience the benefits first hand because of years of misinformation from many mainstream healthcare sources. The current healthcare system is filled with cures based on belief systems which result in expensive yet ineffective cures. We all pay for it through our insurance and the insurance carriers who were supposed to choose and guide their members to the most effective solutions instead became part of the problem. Many of us simply do not know who to trust and often make our decisions out of fear and discomfort. The kindly health care provider who we rely on for most of our healthcare needs has been trained to send you to other medical colleagues who all think the same way and have little training in the musculoskeletal system. They, of course, give you either surgical non-conservative, medication or therapies to the problematic region which rarely work. They are part of the bigger problem which is the monopolization of healthcare. The problem gets exacerbated because the American Medical Association is merely a trade organization whose purpose is to decide and lobby for allopathic physicians to be in control, even if they are not always the best trained or most cost-effective health care provider to do so. This new movie attempts to explore and expose the problem. Below is a synopsis of the upcoming movie and click here for a link to the site of Medical, Inc. Synopsys
"Your back pain will require SURGERY" "Without these pills, you face life-long PAIN" "Your child's behavior requires MEDICATION" That's what the doctor tells you, but who tells the doctor what to say? A visit to the doctor can be traumatic enough. Now we learn about the ‘influencers' - the people you never see, but whose job it is to turn you into a compliant, pill-popping, revenue generation unit. And at all costs. Medical Inc. reveals the unseen tactics of these ‘influencers' in an investigation that leads to the highest levels of the American Medical Association (AMA) and reveals an alarming portrait of deception and criminality. Along the way we wonder:
  1. Is much of what we ‘know' about modern medicine just slick marketing from companies that profit when we're in pain (or by putting us in pain)?
  2. Why aren't we being told about the successes of natural therapies?
  3. Why do so many people think chiropractors are ‘quacks,' nutritional supplements a waste of money, and acupuncture a fringe therapy?
Is it because the "Medical Monopoly" spends millions a year attacking, ridiculing, and trying to discredit these natural therapies? The answers are almost beyond belief until Medical Inc. takes us into the courtroom with five chiropractors who, having been labeled ‘an unscientific cult,' fought back and won a landmark verdict. Their heroic story forms the backdrop of one of the most personally compelling documentaries ever. Because of their bravery, the medical-industrial complex is no longer blocking access to safe natural alternatives, pill-popping is giving way to smarter preventative care, and purveyors of sickness are being shoved aside, resulting in a healthier life for us all.