New Study Supports Periodic Chiropractic Visits for Those With Back Pain

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New Study Supports Periodic Chiropractic Visits for Those With Back Pain
When our patients enter and are discharged from care, I always remind them of the importance of periodic chiropractic visits. This generally consists of one visit perhaps bi monthly or in certain circumstances, once per month. Others can go 3-6 months without requiring a periodic visit. A new study in the Journal Spine supports my recommendation and it is hopeful that many of the insurance carriers who love to tell patients that they only take care of acute conditions are listening. You can read the study here at
Many people visit the dentist regularly because they know or at least have been trained in understanding that the dental visit will keep their teeth and gums healthy. I know that it has done well for me. As a chiropractor, I visit a chiropractor regularly so I do practice what I preach. The study is important because many people do not keep up with their regular spinal hygiene and as a result, return to the office with many of the chronic problems they came with originally, which may have returned partially or totally. It is expensive, bad for the joints of ones body and debilitating and bad for your overall health and quality of life. The cost of the periodic visit is not expensive, when compared even to my regular dental visit. Many people had gotten used to insurance paying for everything and the low co payments that went with it. Unfortunately, the insurance carriers, with the rest of the medical industrial complex are out of control cost wise and their are questions constantly being raised as to weather all this monitoring, procedures, etc are necessary as we age. The good news is that in regards to your body, evidence is growing that it is. In my years of practice, it is related to body style which can easily be a long winded additional blog post and will be discussed in detail when my book How To Cheat Mother Nature is published. More on that shortly. Let me know what you think? As always, I value your opinion