Does Nike’s new React Infinity Run shoe really prevent injuries?

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Nike has been in a tear with its new shoes designed to help you run faster, although at a substantial cost above the average running shoe.  Their last shoe, the Zoom Vaporfly helped their runner finish a marathon in under 2 hours under controlled conditions. The React Infinity Run draws from two shoes, the Epic and the Vaporfly.  It has a more stable bottom and a denser heel cup. A study performed on 223 runners showed that compared to the Air Zoom Structure 22 shoe, the React Infinity Run shoe showed a 16% lower injury rate compared to the Air Zoom which is significant. Could these shoes help you prevent injury and are they worth the $160 cost?  While there is no one size fits all shoe, it may be worth trying the shoe out to see if it helps you.  Injury prevention is always more cost-effective than lost time and medical costs. Check out the article below

Nike Claims It's New Running Shoe Prevents Injuries but Does It Work?

JANUARY 25, 2020 By TANNER BOWDEN “No runner should get injured.” That’s the ultimate goal that Matt Nurse, vice president of Nike’s Sport Research Lab, calls the impetus behind the company’s newest running shoe, the React Infinity Run. Nurse describes this vision as a “North Star,” and lofty it is indeed; various studies have reported the prevalence of running injuries among long-distance runners to range from 19 to 92 percent. If at best, nearly a fifth of runners experience some form of injury, then Nurse and the team at Nike have their work cut out for them. Read more