Non aspirin pain killers should be used sparingly says the NY Times


Non aspirin pain killers should be used sparingly says the NY Times

Non aspirin pain killers such as Aleve should be used sparingly says medical experts, considering their risk of causing a cardiac event or other life threatening problem.

Much has been published about certain drugs such as Ibuprofen not being effective for pain in the back as advertised, even though millions of us have used the medications for that purpose. Those who felt relief may have experienced the placebo effect, while others did not get any relief at all, while exposing themselves to sometimes harmful side effects.

More people are visiting chiropractors than ever, which challenges the “for temporary relief” approach, and people find that addressing the problem rather than the symptom is more reliable and in the long run, better for their overall health.

Some are also trying neutraceuticals which are foods that relieve pain and inflammation. Our offices carry Pro Enz which is helpful in managing chronic pain.

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Experts Urge Sparing Use of Non aspirin Painkillers

The Food and Drug Administration warned last week that the risk of heart attack and stroke from widely used painkillers that include Motrin IB,Aleve and Celebrex but not aspirin was greater than it previously had said. But what does that mean for people who take them?

Experts said that the warning reflected the gathering evidence that there was risk even in small amounts of the drug, so-called nonaspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or Nsaids, and that everyone taking them should use them sparingly for brief periods. Millions of Americans take them.

“One of the underlying messages for this warning has to be there are no completely safe pain relievers, period,” said Bruce Lambert, director of the Center for Communication and Health at Northwestern University, who specializes in drug safety communication.

ut the broader context is important. The relative risk of heart attack and stroke from the drugs is still far smaller than the risk from smoking, having uncontrolled high blood pressure or being obese. At the same time, use of the drugs by someone with those other habits and conditions could compound the risk.

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