Novavax covid-19 vaccine is finally approved for use in the USA by the FDA

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After Johnson and Johnson decided to discontinue their covid-19 vaccine, people who wanted a covid-19 vaccine or booster could only choose from two; Pfizer and Moderna which are mRNA based. While both are effective for up to three shots in most people, the vaccine would make many people feel tired. achy, with arm soreness and ill for a day or so afterward.   The vaccines require extreme refrigeration in transport and storage. The NY Times covered this vaccine in detail which you can read here. Novavax which has been available in Europe is a more traditional vaccine that may be better tolerated.  It is also a two-shot regimen and fills the void left by Johnson and Johnson. The shot is available for anyone 18 and older and according to the NY Times, side effects seem to be milder with less arm soreness. The vaccine has proven to be 90 percent effective and reduces the likelihood of severe illness and hospitalization, on par with Moderna and Pfizer's vaccines. Read more at USA Today.