Obamacare sign-up begins; here is how to sign up for an exchange and lower your healthcare insurance cost.

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Obamacare sign-up begins; here is how to sign up for an exchange and lower your healthcare insurance cost Well, we have finally arrived at the beginning of Obamacare; the signup. While they are only signing people up at this time, and I urge you to do so since if your experience is anything like that in California and in NY, you may all of a sudden find buying healthcare to be more affordable. Even though they did not yet begin the actual exchange, you will be notified when you can sign up. In our current healthcare environment, with yearly escalations in the cost of insurance premiums at a time of decreasing healthcare usage, costs that are rising slower than before and healthcare practitioners who have not shared in the wealth, one would wonder where the money has been going if it is not going toward the cost of care. Did insurance carriers push up our costs only to discount them in the exchanges to show us how well they work to reduce costs? One can only wonder however, perhaps NJ residents can now get a break on the cost of health insurance for themselves and their families. Here is an article featured in today's Forbes that has the information you will need to join the national exchange (NJ decided not to do their own). Reporter-The Business Journal   Those chomping at the bit to use the new online insurance marketplaces set to go live this fall can now get a small taste of the new system. Beginning this week, customers can now sign up for an account at HealthCare.gov, the government's health care reform website, that they will be able to use to purchase health insurance online beginning Oct. 1. But creating an account, username and password is as far as you can go for now. The site is also only available in English at this point, though a Spanish-language site — cuidadodesalud.gov — is expected to come online soon. Although I have health insurance and don't plan to purchase coverage through the marketplace, I went online and created an account this morning, just to see what the process was like. The site walks you through a number of questions to see if the marketplace is the right choice for you. The attraction of the marketplace is that individuals under certain income thresholds will be able to purchase coverage and receive subsidies to help offset premium costs. read more