One vaccine dose may be all that is needed if you have covid-19 antibodies according to the NY Times.

One vaccine dose may be all that is needed if you have covid-19 antibodies according to the NY Times.

The science and the recommendations regarding covid-19 change weekly if not daily. This is especially true for those who have covid-19 antibodies who are wondering if they still need to get inoculated.

If you had covid-19 and have antibodies that are observed to last many months afterward, why would you need a vaccine?  You should be part of the herd immunity solution for the pandemic.

According to a new study, vaccination with one dose can greatly amplify your antibody levels and offer greatly enhanced protection.

Scientists love to have things standardized and because antibody levels can vary with those who have had a covid-19 infection. The boosts acquired from one shot of either the Pfizer/Moderna or possibly the new Johnson and Johnson may be all that is required to fully protect you from a second infection including the many variants scientists are talking about in the news.

Another study found that a second dose for those who have had Covid-19 and also had the vaccine showed little benefit as compared to the initial dose further enhancing the idea that one inoculation is likely all you need if you already have antibodies.

Right now, the scientific community is concerned with rapid vaccination which will reduce the number of variants to the virus which can evade your current vaccine immunity.   Scientists are trying to develop a vaccine for all coronaviruses.

Check out this article in the NY Times.

People Who Have Had Covid Should Get Single Vaccine Dose, Studies Suggest

New studies show that one shot of a vaccine can greatly amplify antibody levels in those who have recovered from the coronavirus.

By Apoorva Mandavilli Feb. 19, 2021

Nearly 30 million people in the United States — and probably many others whose illnesses were never diagnosed — have been infected with the coronavirus so far. Should these people still be vaccinated?

Two new studies answer that question with an emphatic yes.

In fact, the research suggests that for these people just one dose of the vaccine is enough to turbocharge their antibodies and destroy the coronavirus — and even some more infectious variants.

The results of these new studies are consistent with the findings of two others published over the past few weeks. Taken together, the research suggests that people who have had Covid-19 should be immunized — but a single dose of the vaccine may be enough.

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