Outrunning the reaper; new study shows runners live longer

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running reaper Outrunning the reaper; new study shows runners live longer If you want to live longer, you should run. Most runners do it because they not only know it helps them stay in shape and have more energy, but they know that their fitness benefits their overall health. Running is probably the best cardiovascular exercise that there is, second to biking. If you run, a new study shows that you are likely to live longer than someone who doesn't. A new study from Iowa State University confirms that running for 5-10 minutes per day can reduce your mortality risk. Check the article out here Running just 5-10 minutes a day could increase life expectancy The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend adults engage in high-intensity exercise, such as running, for a minimum of 75 minutes a week. But a new study from Iowa State University suggests that running at a slow speed for just 5-10 minutes a day can significantly reduce mortality risk, and running for any longer may actually do more harm than good. The research team, led by Duck-Chul "D.C" Lee, an assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State, recently published their findings in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. For their study, Lee and colleagues assessed the data of 55,137 adults between the ages of 18 and 100 years, who were followed-up for an average of 15 years. Participants' physical activity habits were disclosed through a medical history questionnaire. The team also analyzed the causes of any deaths that occurred during the follow-up, before looking at the amount of exercise each individual participated in every week. read more