Ozempic increases pregnancy likelihood, according to MDLinx.

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Ozempic has helped many people lose weight by reducing the desire to eat. Drugs such as Wygovy, the weight loss version of the drug and other alternatives that include Mounjaro (tirzepatide), Trulicity (dulaglutide), and Rybelsus (semaglutide)and Saxenda (liraglutide).

These drugs reduce your desire to eat, slow digestion and elongate the time the stomach requires to empty its contents.

This is how the drug has caused people to lose weight, when the original intention of the drug was for diabetes. The drug has now become a popular off label weight loss drug however, the loss of weight is reversed when you stop taking it and the drugs are very expensive in the USA.

The drugs are not an antidote for the American diet of high calorie non satisfying processed foods, however most of us know what proper eating should be. Proper eating should satisfy you with less food intake, while processed foods are less satisfying and are a huge part of our obesity problem in our country.

A recently discovered medical phenomenon reported by MDLinx, a reliable source for medical trends. reported on a side effect of Ozympic and likely its other similar cousins; Pregnancy.

Notably, women with fertility struggles or who were taking birth control are reporting pregnancy while taking Ozempic. On social media, multiple threads, groups, and forums are dedicated to this phenomenon. Women around the country are joining the online discussion to share stories of their unexpected pregnancies. Babies conceived during the use of these weight loss drugs are being called ÔÇťOzempic babies.

It has to do with the drug returning the mother to a healthier weight which affects the bodies ability hormonally to become pregnant. Obesity increases estrogen levels and results in irregular menstrual cycles. Insulin resistance which leads to type 2 diabetes also results in higher testosterone levels which can make it difficult for the body to support a pregnancy.