Pain between the shoulders? Here’s why you should see a chiropractor first.

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Pain between the shoulders is a common symptom chiropractors relieve in their offices. Patients will often try Advil or another medication first or may attribute the pain to some activity or attribute it to stress, without having an understanding of why they really hurt. Usually, tight and sore shoulders also affect the neck which may cause headaches and the person will often have other problems such as knee pain, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, and even numbness in the hands while sleeping or driving. Unlike most doctors, chiropractors specialize in and are primary care for most musculoskeletal problems and are a one-stop shop for many of the common painful problems people suffer from.

Why see a chiropractor first for shoulder blade pain?

To understand shoulder blade pain, your doctor of chiropractic will take a deep history of how the pain began and a history of other past problems and injuries.  Chiropractors understand that their patients want relief fast, and are often able to deliver on that promise,  however, the shoulder blade pain may be due to other underlying mechanical problems a patient may not fully understand. It is the doctor's job to look at your history of all your physical problems and then use their best detective work to determine why you hurt while taking your history. Once the history is complete, the doctor will perform a comprehensive functional evaluation to understand why you are hurt and treatment usually commences on the same day. Chiropractors are holistic, meaning they are thorough and look at symptoms rather than just parts. Since the musculoskeletal system is constructed of bones, tissues, nerves, and vascular structures, the chiropractor will look to comment the dots to fully understand why your shoulder blades hurt and how they can use their skills and knowledge to help you. You may find out during the evaluation that your shoulder blade problem may be related to problems elsewhere in the body which may explain why these problems also come and go.  It is not uncommon for problems with the core and legs to cause chronic shoulder blade pain. Foot problems can also cause hand numbness and shoulder blade as well as neck pain.  An old c-section scar or hernia repair may also contribute as well as an old injury. Dr. Charschan believes that educated patients make better health decisions and he will do what is necessary to help you feel better while you also learn the tools you can use to stay out of pain. He believes in personalizing the care to your unique needs rather than simply applying a protocol that hopefully helps but rarely does.

How does the doctor treat my problems?

Chiropractic treatment may include manipulation of the spine and extremities to improve the way you move and sit.   Foot orthotics may be recommended to correct a genetic postural imbalance. Myofascial release, Graston, or other soft tissue methods are regularly used to improve how the joints move and corrective exercises are also recommended as needed. Chiropractors have earned the reputation of being effective and cost-effective providers who help patients overcome problems that can cause a lifetime of pain.   It is not unusual for you to visit for one complaint and then realize several problems resolve as you move and function better.  You may also have more energy as well. If you do require medical attention, chiropractors will refer you to the appropriate provider or recommend the needed tests.  The good news is that most patients never require those referrals. Do you need relief from shoulder blade pain today?  Book online here.