Resolving Plantar Fascitis

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Many people suffer from this condition and visit podiatrists as well as other types of health care providers to find the answer. The answer to the problem is never found at the bottom of the foot! Simply explained, if I continue to hit your shoulder over and over, it will get sore and hurt. If I did this day in and day out, it would eventually hurt all the time. Plantar fasciitis is similar in that people who experience this, often get injections into the painful area that may or may not afford relief, and often the condition returns. This is because this too is a gait (walking) related issue and requires an understanding of the gait process. Simply explained, the persons core muscles (mid section) function poorly, causing the legs to tighten as your stride shortens. The net effect is you slam your heels into the ground, making the plantar fascia sore and painful and the calves tighten as well as does the back of the knee. To solve plantar fasciitis in the majority of people, you must correct the reason for slamming the feet into the ground. You then must loosen the calf which takes tension off the bottom of the foot. If you have already been treated with injections and have experiences with injections, this sounds markedly different to you. Could this really be that easy? In our offices, we solve problems by understanding them first, then having you understand them and then treating the cause, rather than the symptom. Proper diagnosis leads to better outcomes and more cost effective treatment.