Posture correctors or correcting posture; which approach is better?

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The ad says that our posture corrector will straighten you up for the low cost of $19 dollars.   Since there is little resistance at $19, why not try a device that forces your shoulders back as there is little you can lose?

Why do you have poor posture?

Many adults remember their parents telling them to sit up straight instead of slouching.   The problem is that they weren't trying to slouch.    Sitting upright felt unnatural and may have hurt their shoulders; it wasn't how your body naturally assumed its position. Is getting a device that forces your shoulders back a good idea or is this just another gimmick that may have consequences from frequent use years later? The ad says that for $19 dollars, this posture corrector which you can purchase from will reeducate your posture from being slumped to upright. People I have met who use these claim it reduces fatigue and improves their posture when they work. The reality is that we understand that bracing only works while you use it.   We also understand that bracing can actually weaken structures over time which may be why companies like Home Depot that used to give out back braces from Florida Orthopedic stopped using them.  Ironically they continue to sell them.  Most studies do suggest these braces reduce injury although this may not be telling us the entire story.   How do these people do without braces after wearing them for so long?  Are there other injuries, shoulder problems, or even leg or knee problems that result from artificially stabilizing the core with a brace?

Posture is a problem starting from the ground up.

[caption id="attachment_3359" align="alignleft" width="134"] Overpronation[/caption] The problem with the device is that many of the problems they may have musculoskeletally begin at the feet.  According to Brian Rothbart, a podiatric researcher, the most common compensation for flat or overpronated feet is the shoulders rolling in. If the posture problem starts at the feet, why would you correct it at the shoulders? In the world of product sales, a good sales pitch is everything.   Even better, if you sell thousands of them, you could make a killing but does it solve problems that originate from foot problems? When I evaluate a patient, it is always from the ground up and always holistically, to look at the person, rather than just the symptom.   Posture is often a symptom of how we are built. One of the simplest ways to improve posture is to give the patient foot orthotics which levels the pelvis.  Patients often notice an immediate difference in how they can bend, squat, push, and move their necks from the improvement in posture. Posture is also a result of the adaptation of the skeletal system and the myofascial system.   Methods such as manipulation combined with myofascial release and manipulation improve movement and function while improving posture as well.

Why go through all the trouble when you can just spend $19?

Most of us have been raised on the idea that pain is just pain, and we get more pain when we age as we degenerate in our older age and become arthritic.   The truth is that this is a medical construct from years of ignoring the musculoskeletal system while looking to prevent diseases, another medical construct.   Medicine is low touch, high tech. Chiropractic on the other hand is high-touch and relatively low-tech.   Patients who visit chiropractors for problems such as neck pain, lower back, and even shoulder problems often avoid unnecessary tests, and surgeries and have a high level of satisfaction, with reduced costs compared to the medical approach for many of these conditions. Years later, proper spinal hygiene is going to result in less pain, improved balance, and probably avoiding irreparably damaged hip, knee, shoulder, and spinal joints. While we do have the technologies to replace hips, knees, and shoulders, nothing is better than the original while you avoid the cost and risk associated with these procedures as you age. Body mechanics and function need to improve for you to get out of pain.   A holistic chiropractic evaluation will help both you and the doctor understand why you hurt and offer a path to sensible and effective treatment for the condition. Posture is often a symptom of how we are built and possibly things to come.   The chiropractic holistic approach can improve your posture naturally, improve your athletic performance, and your overall sense of well-being.   Often, one of the simplest ways to begin improving posture begins with foot orthotics.  Often, an off-the-shelf set can make a huge difference. Improve posture naturally, and avoid possible problems later. See a chiropractor first for postural problems.   Book online here.