President Kennedy’s legacy included back pain. He should have used a chiropractor.


President Kennedy’s legacy included back pain. He should have used a chiropractor.

Many of us take for granted that a chiropractor is the go to guy for your back. Back in the days of President Kennedy, back pain treatment was in the dark ages and a much smaller segment of the public visited chiropractors.

From medications to injections to other methods that were afforded the then president, his lower back problems were chronic and well known. Recently, a movie on HBO about the life of Marilyn Monroe showed her relationship with the President and one of his back episodes.

Check out this interesting article on the president, who left us in his prime.

The Back Pain Legacy of JFK

By November 22, 2013

Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of President Kennedy; the news outlets are filled with stories in anticipation. Story topics span a wide range, including (but not limited to) how it happened, what they did to the car he was riding in at the time, interviews with the doctors and interns who treated him and the potential contribution to his death made by the rigid back brace Kennedy wore (it prevented him from slumping down and avoiding the 2nd bullet).

That last one got to me. Could it be that inflexible apparel was responsible for the loss of a President loved by so many? In researching the answer to this question, I happened on another story I’d like to tell; in the meanwhile, here’s what I learned about the back brace and the fatal bullet: While Kennedy’s inability to slump after the first bullet hit may have lead to his death from the 2nd bullet, his doctors suggested that had he survived, his ability to function, and therefore to continue to serve as President would have been too severely compromised to be feasible. (This is according to interviews with his treating physicians I watched on CBS online.)

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