Probiotics may help prevent allergies according to new evidence.

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Probiotics may help prevent allergies according to new evidence. Those who suffer from spring allergies are getting ready to brace themselves for a possible early spring and the beginning of the runny nose, eyes and the sneezing and discomfort that comes with the trees and plants coming alive again after a long dormancy. True, you can use two products we recommend, Seasonal IC and Nettle which have great track records for allergy sufferers. These are two great products that work, and have no side effects. Many published articles and studies are suggesting there is a link between probiotics and allergies however, not all probiotics are effective for allergy symptoms. It is thought that the probiotics work because they improve the bodies percentage of T cells, which can help aid in fighting allergies. For allergy season, make sure you stock up on both Seasonal IC and Nettle, but also add the right probiotics to your diet as well for maximal effect. You can read more about this recent research and how it can help you survive allergy season here.   Skip the drug, do it naturally and more effectively without the side effects. New Evidence Shows Probiotics May Defeat Allergies Posted on March 4, 2017 by Brad Hoppmann Springtime will be here in just a few weeks. The days will get longer, the weather will warm up and flowers will start to bloom again. Most people are happy to see the snow melt away. Yet, this time of year isn’t so rejuvenating for everyone. Especially if sniffling … sneezing … red, itchy eyes … swollen throats … and other seasonal allergy symptoms pop up to make your life miserable. Read more