Pullups; how to master this great exercise according to the NY Times.

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Have you ever owned a pullup bar? Many athletic stores and websites have the ones you can place on a door frame in your home or apartment. Pullups are a great exercise for the core and the upper body as well. It may seem impossible to do but by breaking it down into its elements, you can master this great exercise according to the NY Times. Check out the article below

How to Master the Pull-UpThe trick is to break the movement into pieces and train with patience and deliberateness.

By Christie Aschwanden March 8, 2022 I’ve always loved pull-ups, partly out of spite. There is a common fitness refrain that women can’t do them, and I don’t like to be told I can’t do something — especially if the reason is my gender. As a teenager, I pushed lawn-mowers and hauled rocks just to show that being a girl didn’t mean I was weak. I love how pull-ups make me feel — powerful, strong. There’s nothing like the feeling of lifting yourself up. Pull-ups are also beautiful for their simplicity. They require nothing more than a bar, and engage at least a dozen muscles, from the lats all the way to the glutes. Experts say they improve upper body strength, shoulder mobility and core stability, while helping to hone coordination too. Doing a pull-up is “an amazing feeling,” said Chilasa King, a powerlifter and coach at LiftedMBK in New York. The exercise boosts confidence and turns heads at the gym, she said. “It’s a simple exercise that’s really hard to do.” Read more