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My friend tells me chiropractors crack bones, is that right? Actually, chiropractors are specialists who perform manipulation of the spinal and extremity joints to enhance joint function. Dr. Palmer who cured a janitor of his hearing loss problem utilizing joint manipulation (the chiropractic adjustment) to the patient's neck started the profession in 1895. The patient's hearing returned and thus was the beginnings of our profession. Actually, bone setting has been around for thousands of years as well as the idea of care for the human frame. Today's chiropractor approaches this type of treatment scientifically, restoring joint function to normal, which significantly reduces joint pain and restores lost mobility, while improving neurological function. Is chiropractic treatment safe? Current information shows us that chiropractic adjustments to the spine are extremely safe, especially when compared to over the counter medications. Over the counter pain medications may have serious, adverse effects in one out of every 10,000 people. Chiropractic neck adjustments have been estimated to have adverse effects in about one in two million treatments. As you can see, current information is available which shows that you probably have a better chance at winning the state lottery than to have a serious adverse effect from chiropractic treatment. Malpractice coverage for chiropractors is also considerably lower than comparable costs for medical providers, further showing that chiropractic treatment is safe. Is chiropractic treatment effective? Current studies show that chiropractic treatment for lower back pain has been consistently shown to be superior to physical therapy and standard medical treatment. Other studies now show that chiropractic treatment for neck pain is superior as well when compared to other modes of conservative, non-surgical treatment. A recent study in Denmark now shows that chiropractic is indeed the most effective treatment for infantile colic. Another study shows effectiveness for dysmennoreha. There are yet other studies, which show benefit for childhood asthma, and other conditions commonly treated by chiropractors are being studied at this time. You may find that other conditions you go to the chiropractor for are effectively treated as well. Since there are so many conditions today's chiropractor treats well, our profession continues to produce studies which prove our effectiveness in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Are all chiropractors alike? No. There are different styles of practice and different specialty levels. I am called a CCSP or Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. I took a national board exam and must renew my credits every year to be able to maintain specialty status. I specialize in the rehabilitation and treatment of sports injuries. Other specialties include Neurology, Orthopedics, Nutrition, Rehab, and Pediatrics. What do I look for in a good chiropractor? Since all chiropractors perform the chiropractic adjustment, you should look for someone who is results orientated. You may also consider someone who performs a type of soft tissue treatment. Our office specializes in Myofascial Release Treatment. It shortens treatment times and yields improved results when combined with the chiropractic adjustment. Our office treats mainly by hand, using myofascial treatments proven to shorten treatment times and improve long term results. Our office offers a complete rehabilitation suite. It is also important for the doctor to give their patients exercises. Our office's rehab area contains a universal gym and there is a high emphasis on injury rehabilitation and personal responsibility in reaching your rehab goals. Our emphasis on quality care and complete rehab gives patients a one-stop shop for all their needs in resolving most problems conservatively. How long is the first visit? Aside from your initial office paperwork which may take you about 10 minutes to fill out, most patients should give themselves about 1hour for their initial examination and evaluation including paperwork. Patients can download time saving admitting forms via the internet, eliminating much of their first visit paperwork. How long are typical follow-up visits? Your second visit, which includes a report of our findings, will take about 20 minutes. After that, the typical visit lasts about 10 -20 minutes depending on your needs for that day. Our office does try to minimize waiting times for our patients. Do I need a referral to come to a chiropractor? Check with your plan. Some do (usually HMO) and many offer direct access without a primary doctor referral. If your plan requires a referral, ask your doctor for the referral prior to coming for your first visit and you must bring the referral with you with your insurance card to receive in network benefits. How do I schedule an appointment? Call our North Brunswick office at (732) 846-6400 or our Scotch Plains office at (732) 829-0009 and we will be happy to schedule you. New patients are always welcome.