Realistic fitness goals you can achieve now as we enter spring 2023

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As we begin to leave the pandemic behind, many of us are becoming more active going to the gym, and with spring on the way, we will be doing more outdoor activities including team sports. Is your body ready for it?  How can you get in better shape using realistic goals?  Does it have to be expensive using a personal trainer or will a consistent effort do? Health Magazine offers some great advice from 10 personal trainers. Check out the article below

10 Realistic Fitness Goals, Recommended by Personal Trainers

Whether you're looking to maintain a consistent workout routine, improve your endurance, or build muscle, there's a goal for everyone on this list—no matter their fitness level. By Rebecca Strong, Medically Reviewed by Amber Brenza, CPT February 07, 2022 With the first month of 2022 behind us, many may be losing steam when it comes to sticking to their New Year's resolutions. Why? Because people either set unrealistic goals that leave them discouraged or fail to hold themselves accountable through tracking their progress, Lindsay Ogden, a NASM-certified personal trainer at the health club chain Life Time, tells Health. Therefore, the key to setting yourself up for fitness goal success is devising them with the SMART method in mind. This tried-and-true approach creates goals that are: Specific: The goal is clear and defined. For example, "workout three times a week" rather than "exercise more." Measurable: There's a way to track your progress, which could be logging the weights you lift or the distance you run each week. Attainable: This goal can be feasibly reached within the set time frame. Very few people could train for a marathon in two weeks, but many could over a couple of months. Relevant: There's a "why" driving your motivation to reach the goal. Maybe you want to feel stronger, more flexible, or manage an underlying condition. Timely: The goal has a deadline whether it's four weeks or six months. Read more Need some help because of physical limitations?  We can help.  Chiropractic is the natural way to improve performance while reducing the risk of injury.  Book online here.