Runner’s World offers five different Burpee Variations you can use to run faster.

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Runner's world offers five different Burpee Variations you can use to run faster. The running season is in full swing, and many of our patients are out doing their weekend 5k, and trying to minimally PR (beat their personal record) from their last race. Ultra competitive adults are always looking for the edge that can offer them the next faster run. There are many things that can enhance  running efficiency, from shoes, to foot orthotics to a different training regimen. Runners World recently suggested Burpees as another way of improving your training to run faster.  Check out the article here ​​5 Burpee Variations Runners Can Use to Get Faster​ Turbo-charge your running routine with these creative, next-level burpee variations. By K. Aleisha Fetters In one (very sweaty) move, it simultaneously strengthens your body, kicks your cardio into high gear, and boosts your ability to quickly produce power—a critical factor if you are trying to shave a few seconds off that 5K time. Plus, you can perform burpees anytime, anywhere. Use a few light sets as a dynamic prerun warmup (along with this set), crank some out on an off day, or really challenge yourself by doing a few in the middle of a high-intensity interval run. The classic burpee works great, but the move can can be adapted in creative ways once you’ve mastered the tried-and-true approach. To prove our point, we recruited the ever-creative Mike Donavanik, C.S.C.S., C.P.T., to share five burpee variations that should be part of every runner’s workout routine. Read more