Running Injuries

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Running has become a huge industry, with many avid fans who love to get out and run a few miles or even compete. As the medical director for USA Track and field in NJ, I see problems both in young runners as young as 6 years old and in older runners in their 60s trying to stay in the game. One of the most frustrating problems for runners is to find a healthcare provider that understands their problems and can find cost effective solutions to keep them on the road. Many runners even read magazines such as runners world to try and find out why they hurt. In my experience, few runners ever find the right practitioner because their pain is rarely about the IT band, or Dead Butt Syndrome, or Plantar Fascitis, or Back Pain, or Knee pain, even though this is where they hurt. It is about the running style , gait (the way you walk) and body symmetry and how your body works during the process.
Fact: Asymmetrical gait = pain, injuries and a slow runner.
Fact: Improved symmetry reduces these problems or eliminates them altogether.
Since you have just learned this, you have a better understanding of why you hurt than most health care providers do. Did they look at you, or just your symptoms? The body does not tolerate asymmetry and those who are asymmetrical and have related problems, will alter their activities so they do not hurt. They will opt for different styles of running such as Chi Running or just run at a very slow pace which is inefficient and actually harder on the body. Our offices can help. I understand runners and will connect the dots so you will experience less pain, greater joy and be a more efficient runner.