Running shoes; which one is right for you?

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shoewall Running shoes; which one is right for you? There is an ongoing revolution in running shoes consisting of new designs and smaller companies with original ideas for new shoe designs which can potentially be the next big seller. Some of the mom and pop style running shoe stores may offer the best advice. Purchasing a running shoe can be frustrating, because there are so many choices we have. If you are asymmetrically built, or overpronate on one side while your other side works differently, sometimes there is no perfect show, however, you may need a store purchased insert to get the absolute right support. One more variance is the store personnel, which may vary in skill while they attempt to fit your foot with the right shoe. Knowing how to properly fit a shoe is important, and if you know how to do this better than the store personnel, you are unlikely to make a costly mistake by buying a shoe that is too small. For more info on this, watch our videos on how to properly fit yourself here. The NY Times recently had an article on how to fit yourself for the best shoe to complement your unique body mechanics. Check it out here Choosing the Right Running Shoes